[22:02] Pak Lee: The people who subscribed are your die hard fans.
[22:01] Pak Lee: No problem KC. Just giving ideas on why it might seem difficult to increase the subscribers. The general public are hard to satisfy.
[13:51] KC Chan: Bound by limited resources and capability, I m afraid I m not up to the standard provides live shows on youtube.
[13:48] KC Chan: to exchange ideas. My post were a reference only.
[13:46] KC Chan: Thank you very much for Pak's Idea and the support to MIHK. In terms of the FB, honestly, its not part of the Eposide, its a media allows subscribers
[19:26] Pak Lee: and answers to people's questions on real time. It's just the competition is quite high. tbh.
[19:26] Pak Lee: Just my opinion. as there's much competition in the market. Like 港股策略王 who offers free live shows on youtube.
[19:24] Pak Lee: If there's a post on the FB page, people can action on it before the market closes which means it's too late
[19:24] Pak Lee: Appreciate if there can be more timely updates on the FB page. For example, like today KC mentioned it's a must buy when HSI dropped this morning. I
[19:23] Pak Lee: The weekly stock selection tool is great and I look forward to it every week, but the general public doesn't think like this as the market is changing
[19:22] Pak Lee: Right now, the paid member's FB page is not updated frequently and the same post sometimes appear on the Free member's page at the same time.
[19:21] Pak Lee: Hi Babi, the benefits of being a paid member against a free member have to be more apparent in order to attract people to subscribe. Right now, the a
[18:52] BABIWONG: Pak Lee 請問可否說出意見 等我地可以改善?感謝
[18:30] Pak Lee: KC, to be honest, I think it's the marketing's problem.
[18:18] BABIWONG: 大家要留意選股器!!過去90日命中率達90%!!
[16:43] Yuen: Request咗加入fb推富圖(付費會員), 但因mihk login email同fb login唔同, 冇人覆, 點處理?
[18:06] mihkoperator: KC在非洲,明天會錄影後上傳重溫
[22:41] Joe Tsang: 你地做乜呀?係又小唔係又小?
[15:07] KC Chan: 你到那FB要求加入便可以
[22:52] David Lam: 怎樣可加入fb推富圖付費會員專區?
[17:44] Teddy Cheng: 重未看到KC重溫呀?
[17:44] Teddy Cheng: 重未看到KC重溫呀?
[20:22] mihkoperator: 明天會重播,今日delay live
[19:47] Vincent : hello KC sir
[19:08] Bc chu: 高峰會友之後kc?
[19:07] Bc chu: 7時kc直播?
[18:20] BABIWONG: 仲可以加入fb付費會員專區同KC隨時交流投資心得
[18:19] BABIWONG: 成為訂閱KC推富圖用戶可以9折報讀KC親自教授既金融投資技術分析班!
[18:19] BABIWONG: KC推富圖推出震撼訂閱優惠!四人同行一人免費!
[22:18] Billvictor: 幾時有得重温?
[21:40] Kenneth Choi: 請問(20/1/2017) KC_推富圖節目幾時有得重温 ??
[21:18] Kenneth Choi: 請問今晚節目幾時有得重温?
[21:09] Sabrina Fung: what time KC starts?
[20:26] KW LO: 冇野睇??
[23:32] David Li: Good Show !!
[23:11] David Li: Hello, 大家好 !!
[22:38] Pak Lee: where can we see KC's channel
[22:38] Pak Lee: where can we see KC's channel
[22:35] Damian Loon: Cassi 除晒衫全裸?
[22:12] David Li: Hello, 大家好 !!
[22:03] [email protected]: Good show .. Bye !~
[21:27] Chan Chin Yau: bb
[21:12] Roger Lam: 而家係財經台
[21:10] KW LO: But now 財經台
[21:08] Yau Tak Wong: 煮啤梨論英雄係咪 Live ?
[21:06] Jen Bond: no operator dedicated for this live show at all???
[21:04] Lau Kin Chung: they're unaware of all the feedbacks are now on the finanical channel. Do something, operator, or at least tell Cassi about that, for god's sake.
[21:00] Jen Bond: on wrong channel???
[20:56] [email protected]: yes...Kitty .. u are right ~ Comments that i added to culture channel are shown on financial channel...unbelivevable ~
[20:54] AL: unbelievable
[20:50] [email protected]: Cassi.... ur show is now on financial channel ~
[20:50] Roger Lam: To see this show on Financial Channel真係搲哂頭
[20:49] Kitty Lam: it seems the program host couldn't see our comments ....
[20:49] [email protected]: your show is now broadcasting on a wrong channel...
[20:48] [email protected]: your show is now broadcasting on a wrong channel...
[20:47] [email protected]: your show is now broadcasting on a wrong channel...
[20:46] [email protected]: your show is now broadcasting on a wrong channel...
[20:45] Shirley Sunshine: 播緊 You cant sit w/ us
[20:45] [email protected]: Hi Casssi, Guess & all ....
[20:44] [email protected]: yeah ....去左財經台 XD ~~
[20:43] [email protected]: 去左財經台 XD ??
[20:40] Shirley Sunshine: 點解冇kc`s program???
[20:24] Kitty Lam: Operator, why this program "You can't sit with us" put on Investment Channel?
[20:20] Kitty Lam: hello
[19:03] Alvin Leung: 7:02 pm HK time
[18:11] Alvin: testing
[22:40] [email protected]: Hi ALL~~
[22:39] [email protected]: Hi ALL ~~
[19:33] Connie: 請問今晚8:00係有乜野節目?
[19:33] Connie: 請問今晚8:00係有乜野節目?
  • 因港美息差擴闊(美元長息升與低迷港息差距擴大),1年遠期美元折讓價擴大至約330點子...
  • 本港樓價升勢加劇,大埔有約180平方呎的開放式單位,以每平方呎逾18000元售出,創區內細價物業新高。新盤效應亦推高多區樓價,將軍澳私人屋苑500萬元以下的盤源絕迹。...
  • 習近平上台以來中日兩國領導人未實現互訪,縱然習近平與日本首相安倍晉三三次在國際場合進行了會晤,但是兩國关系始終處不溫不火狀態。...
  • 川普在兩條行政命令中要求對反傾銷和反補貼貿易案件更加嚴格地徵收關稅,並對美國貿易赤字進行全面審查——這些舉措反映出美中在經濟上的緊張關係。早前總統發的兩條Twitter消息提到了這個艱難的談話:川普說,鑒於「大量的貿易赤字」和「減少的工作崗位」,下週...
  • 消息指,美湖居2座F室頂樓連天台單位,兩房間隔,實用面積441方呎,剛以443萬元易手,呎價高達10,045元,為嘉湖山莊入伙約25年來,史上首宗呎價「5位數」,報料的地產代理也形容「呢口價好誇張」。嘉湖山莊對上一宗呎價最貴成交,為8座E室頂樓連天台...
  • 華置(127)在上月中才宣佈,將甘比委任為執行董事;今日華置再宣佈,大股東劉鑾雄(大劉)以健康極為不穩為由,向長子劉鳴煒及太太陳凱韻(甘比)分身家。作為華置主席的劉鳴煒及執董陳凱韻分別獲派24.97%及50.02%股份。至於呂麗君及子...
  • 港島區近30年的首個鐵路項目—港鐵(066)黃竹坑站第一期住宅發展項目,由路勁基建(1098)及中資平保(2318)旗下平安不動產合資財團投得。據了解,是次兩間財團各佔一半股權。 ...
  • 處境艱困的香港國泰航空昨公布整頓策略,表示將「全面評估」公司結構,宣稱這波整頓規模為20多年來最大,但未提供細節。國泰航空表示,國泰航空將不再需要部分職位,預告該公司將發起裁員。 ...
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